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The Start of an Adventure

Today finally managed to launch Open Beta and create Enki Oro, my new character for FFXIV, on Trabia. So far it's awesome, and Gridania is amazing! It's so full of life, and already loving it, even if the game needs some tweaks before launch.

Later I decided to give Ul'Dah a try. Unlike Gridania's green forests and Limsa Lominsa's sea view, Ul'Dah is known for its desert and dry weather, as well as for its merchantry costumes. My choice is clear; I'm definitely starting in Gridania, not only its storyline seems more interesting (even if they're all three clearly connected), but also it's prettier and has Conjurer/Lancer's guilds. Even though I'm not interested in Ul'Dah just yet, I must admit there's a nice sequence after the first tutorial fight, which greatly caught my attention (and actually saddened me, too). Don't worry, I'm not going to spoil anything, but here's a screenshot of that moment.

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