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New Adventurer – Enki Oro

So after playing retail of Collector's Edition for quite a while I must say that I'm pretty happy with FinalFantasy XIV. Maybe it's because I had no big expectations, or because I am really enjoying the armoury system but I'm having lots of fun. My very first day online was on Friday, but I didn't really get to play until Saturday. Ever since then I've been doing levequests with Hrist, Miranda and Triton. My current level is listed on the sidebar, Physical level 15 (I'm having a hard time spending my points), Conjurer 11, Thaumaturge 7. My Disciple of the Hand classes are Carpenter, currently at rank 9 and Alchemist, at rank 8. I'm having lots of fun doing levequests with the guys (and dying to Dodos) as well as crafting on my own time.

After having leveled a bit and doing some storyline (started the second Quest), as well as crafting a bit, Miranda was kind enough to bring me all around the world, getting me some Aetherytes that will surely help in the long run (they already do now). We visited Ul'Dah, where I realised that I should equip my Collector's Edition item, the Onion Helm.

We then took the ferry to Limsa Lominsa (A SIGHT FOR ME SORE EYES) and once Hrist logged on, we decided to do some levequests, Rank 10 ones. This helped me easily rank up, specially on cures. Sadly they have toned down the skill you can win through normal curing (not talking about the exploit), so I guess this will make leveling Disciples of Magic even harder. Oh well. You see these cute moles in the pictures down below? Don't trust them! Their AoE is nasty and they're merciless.

As we kept playing, Triton was still updating his patch, as well as installing his game. His Collector's Edition arrived at my place, but I just gave him his codes so he could play early, since he's coming this Friday to pick it up (among other things, of course!). It felt great to see him online, just sucks he didn't get to enjoy it, since we did leves that were too high for him. I'm sure he'll enjoy it much more once he can play at home, calm and safe! He's thinking of leveling Gladiator, which will be good for our group, granted we're all much flexible in that department.

Finally, I was doing some crafting for Miranda, helping him make some dyes for his craft (Leatherwork). Sucks that I didn't succeed in making Lineseed Oil, but I'm glad I could help him with the dyes. As you can see, we've already founded a crafting school, with Ms. Hrist being the mean and strict teacher! Aiaiaiaiiii!


Worldy Adventure – Exploration

After much ranking up my different classes (Alchemist, Carpenter, Conjurer and Thaumaturge), with Jay we decided that it was time to set up for a new adventure. Since not all of the people in TheHumanBeings are sure to want to start in Gridania, and since walking from starting towns is fairly easy and not dangerous at all, we thought it would be a nice idea to familiarise with the trip in order to attune the Aetherytes of eachcity in order to get the group together on release. From Gridania, the quickest way to get started is go south all the way to Thanalan. Soon, you'll reach some sort of docks on the left side of the map once you get to this area.

As you can see the view was fairly good, once in the dock-area! For the time being it seems the ferry to Limsa Lominsa (A SIGHT FOR ME SORE EYES) is free, but I assume that on retail it'll be around 200~500 gil, no more. Also, the good thing it has in comparison to FFXI, is that you're automatically in the ferry, there's no way you can miss it if you are in the proper-docks area when it arrives.

Finally we arrived to Limsa Lominsa (A SIGHT FOR ME SORE EYES)! The trip wasn't long but we missed some monsters to attack the ferry. Oh well, I guess those will be implemented on release, as well as the insides of the boat. So far soon I'll have my retail Collector's Edition, but I honestly can't wait!