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Bees vs. The Pilgrims – Camp Bentbranch (Gridania)

This morning I decided to do another levequest. After some ranking up and obtaining some more experience I thought that levequesting wouldn't be a problem at all. And of course, it wasn't! This time around I picked 'Bees vs. The Pilgrims'. Apparently some bees were causing annoyance to random wanderers and pilgrims so again it was time to clean the forests of Gridania.

Since it was right after maintenance, there weren't many people on the server, which was quite nice for levequesting alone. I'm really happy with the beauty of the forests, as well as the design of the monsters. Everywhere you can see Funguars that rest in the ground, burying themselves in order for them not to look dangerous at all (they are quite challenging, at least at rank 1 it was really tough for me to get away alive from them). This time, when going after the target of the levequest, the 6 group of bees, I stumbled upon a pretty Firefly. They are not  harmful in any way and easy to take down, but I still like the way they glow.

After that, and because there was not many people around, I got the chance to fight many Star Mamout, some small furrets that are really cute, and remind me of the Wharf Rats from Limsa Lominsa ('a sight for me sore eyes!'), and they have a similar style of attacks as the rats in La Noscea.

While I was fighting this creepy-looking NPC wandered by the place I was fighting at. Apparently it was patroling the forest, checking that everything was alright. I think these NPCs are related to Behests but I have no idea. I guess as soon as more info is gathered on the game we'll know more about it. I really didn't need help to finish this Star Mamout, and netted me a good chunk of experience and conjury skill (which, sadly, is an awfully rare circumstance).

As you can see, the fight was easily won. For the time being I'm sticking on my action bar with Spirit Dart, Fire and Blizzard. I don't find any good use on Trance Chant, I'm not sure it's worth for such short casts, but maybe in the future it might be helpful (I have yet to see any use for Spell Interruption Down% in FFXI, let alone in FFXIV, unless you're a tank). I find myself most of the time using Spirit Dart, I'm not sure if it's me, but it seems to be doing more damage than it used to, in early Closed Beta stages. It's a step, I guess, since there's no MP regen or any way to recover MP than using the Aetherytes (which by the way, you can't use while under a Guildleve task). As I was walking towards the spot, which coincidentally was after the Chiglets spot on the map, I got a bit scared.

Don't tell me they don't look scary. I was scared that they would all start attacking me, but they only attack in groups of two. The fight was easy, only needing 2 or 3 Spirit Darts per each monster. I was done in no time!

Here's a close-up from one of the bee clouds, right after it died. They look fairly mean, but still cute! After finishing them all, the sun came out after a long night in Gridania, and I checked the Aetheryte node to get my reward. This time around it was only gil, but I surely won't mind it! I'm really enjoying these levequests, even if leveling is quite slow from a mage's perspective. I only wish they allowed levequesting without any need of a cooldown, even if they only netted EXP/Skill! Oh well, at least it's pretty and relaxed.


Crushing Chiglets – Camp Bentbranch (Gridania)

So this morning I thought I'd save enough time to do another Rank 1~ Levequest. In Gridania, the NPC in Carline Canopy that issues levequests (Gontrant) allowed me to take 4 Battlecraft levequests from Camp Bentbranch, as well as allowed me to get a tutorial battlecraft levequest. Yesterday I did 'Moles vs. The Pilgrims'. The task was to kill 6 moles. It wasn't easy though, the mobs certainly were quite tough, and right before dying, if you let them idle in a low HP, they would bury down the ground and jump on causing quite some damage. Because of this and because it was late, I stopped after finishing the levequest and cashing in some gil.

This morning I thought I'd give it another try, and since I logged out myself at Camp Bentbranch, I just basically had to stand up and start the levequest; 'Charging Chiglets'.

As soon as I logged in I realised the soothing sound of the rain. Unlike yesterday, which was a sunny day in Gridania, today was raining. I  must admit I really like it, and reminded me greatly of the Sanctuary of Zi'Tah, from FFXI. It was really relaxing to walk around, and it brought me some fond memories. After accepting the levequest it was time to head for my preys. Here I was asked to find 6 Chiglets and kill them. So I accepted my quest, not so much because of my lust for chiglet blood, but because I needed the skill and experience points, as well as money!

After getting the dots in the map, it was time to look for the damn chiglets. It's cool that aside from the dots and arrows in the mini-map, you get to see the area where the levequest target is/are located, so you don't get lost in the middle of the woods. I must admit that FFXIV looks really good, even if my computer isn't that great the environment and characters act very lively, specially with the facial expressions. In FFXI it was very rare to see facial expressions other than the usual ones (smile, anger, etc.) It is clearly a nice change, and I'm glad they've worked on some things. On my way to my levequest target I had the time to check out some of the newly implemented features, like sitting! I'm glad they've kept a similar motion as the one Tarutarus used, because clearly it couldn't be improved in any way, haha. You may wonder why I decided to sit on the water? Well I was already wet, so bite me, Goobue!

Of course, that was right after the Chiglets surprised me and killed me! You see, in FFXI Chigoes (similar to Chiglets) had the very bad habit of surprising adventurers and if they had low health, well, you can sort of piece up what would happen. This time around they surprised me! Because I had name display off for the screenshots, I didn't even see them gank up around me and not allow me to hit them or anything... Oh well, may the twelve bless the lack of EXP loss! You can see their evil expressions staring at my dead body. At least I managed to kill one, I guess!

Also, on my way to the targets I found this pretty area by a lake. It's so pretty and relaxing! It confirms my idea of starting in Gridania, where else spend the most annoying levels of an MMO other than in a relaxed area? Haha. This seemed like it had a dock or a port, I hope that someday they release an underwater city, much like Alzadaal Ruins without, well, ruins. It'd be very interesting, and it could very well introduce new races. I don't think they will, but this time around they're not closing canon-races by being the 5 tears of a goddess. Anyway, here's the place I was talking about, isn't it pretty?

Once I arrived at my destination, Chiglets were no match for this Conjurer, and easily sent them to hell with my Spirit Dart! I know, I'm making it sound more exciting than it was, but at least I managed to avenge myself! The fight was simple and rewarding, as long as you didn't lock-on your targets, because they die too fast to need that. Basically spamming Spirit Dart worked better than using any Rank 1 elemental spell. In no time I killed all 6, and the Aetheryte node appeared for me to get my rewards and get back to Camp Bentbranch! Hurray!

As you can see, Enki is very happy to finally take down something like a true adventure, but it was even better when upon returning to the camp, prior to loging out, he realised there was a material prize for his efforts! The well-earned Hempen Chausses (brown)! Enki wasn't sure he'd like them...

But eventually decided to equip them, well, who wouldn't, just look at how well they fit on him!

And that's it for today! I'll check in once I do a couple more levequests.


The Start of an Adventure

Today finally managed to launch Open Beta and create Enki Oro, my new character for FFXIV, on Trabia. So far it's awesome, and Gridania is amazing! It's so full of life, and already loving it, even if the game needs some tweaks before launch.

Later I decided to give Ul'Dah a try. Unlike Gridania's green forests and Limsa Lominsa's sea view, Ul'Dah is known for its desert and dry weather, as well as for its merchantry costumes. My choice is clear; I'm definitely starting in Gridania, not only its storyline seems more interesting (even if they're all three clearly connected), but also it's prettier and has Conjurer/Lancer's guilds. Even though I'm not interested in Ul'Dah just yet, I must admit there's a nice sequence after the first tutorial fight, which greatly caught my attention (and actually saddened me, too). Don't worry, I'm not going to spoil anything, but here's a screenshot of that moment.

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