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Surfing the Mage Wave – Leveling (CON/THM)

Because that's what I've been up to, leveling like mad! So far I'm loving the battle system, specially now that I know how the Battle Regimes work. I managed to reach Conjurer (CON) rank 8, which opens up to Repose and Shock Spikes. The first one is a spell that costs 3 Action Points and according to the description it inmobilizes the target on the spot if that target is standing still at the moment of casting. Shock Spikes, just like FFXI's one covers the target in an electric armor, making enemies that hit you be harmed with electric damage and having the chance of them receiving the additional status ailment known as stun. So far on Conjurer I'm equiping: Tranquility, Fire, Blizzard, Cure, Stoneskin and Shock Spikes. So far this set is really good, allows me to be offensive while still maintaining some defensive background, specially with Cure, in case I get lower than 200 HP. Soon I'll be rank 10 which will open up to rank 10 guildleves, at Camp Emerald Moss. That's where the upcoming levequests are and once I hit rank 20, it'll be time for Camp Tranquil. I'm not sure if during retail I'll be leveling in these places (as Triton pointed out, we might be a bit tired of the forest-theme by then) but it's good to know that we have many leveling options.As far as Thaumaturge (THM) goes, since I had money saved up from "Color of Sin" I decided to buy a Weathered Scepter in order to play around with Thaumaturge. Already in closed beta I could try it out and much to my surprise I loved mixing the abilities. I'm really liking this system and it allows many combinations which will branch out into different gaming playstyles. Because of this, once Conjurer is around rank 6 (Stoneskin), you can equip your Thaumaturge with it and at least have some safety while using Phantom dart. Today on my own I managed to get it to rank 5 and I've realised Thaumaturgy has some really cool spells! The latest one I've learned about is Sacrifice which uses 10 MP and 42 HP and allows you to restore the HP of a specific target as well as giving them the HP regen status effect. That, along with the upcoming spellsĀ  like Poison (6), Gravity (8) and Slow (8) will come into a very nice asset for both offensive and defensive/support Disciple of Magic. Currently my Thaumaturge is equiped with: Banish, Scourge, Cure and Stoneskin. Honestly, I can't wait to finally be able to get my release character because that'll mean this leveling will be worth something, but I guess this is good for practice so that I can learn better and faster once the Collector's Edition comes out.